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Having a phone with a limited internet connection or none at all would surely help with that. Here are 10 top tips to slash your bill.

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That makes it a great secondary phone that you can take on outdoor trips without worrying about breaking it. The phone comes with a 3. This makes texting fast and easy. It even comes with a camera that will remind you of the early s. The phone also includes Bluetooth 3. The LG Extravert 2 is also equipped with a smart LED indicator that will notify you about missed calls, text messages, and more. Now you can enjoy the minimalistic design and the smartphone-styled keyboard together. Other benefits of this phone include an impressive battery life with almost five hours of talk time or 10 days on standby.

This ZTE phone also features a 2. Overall, you can count on this phone to stay in contact with your family and colleagues, as well as being able to quickly reply to messages and emails.

Why Get a Dumb Phone?

With this phone, when hanging up a call, you also get the satisfaction of snapping the device shut. Take back control by getting back to the basics.

Smartphone detox with minimalist phones

It also has Bluetooth capability and comes with an impressive battery life as well. Tough build Fibre-glass reinforced body with a recessed Gorilla Glass screen.

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Bluetooth The MP01 is simple to connect with headsets and car systems. Other tools An easy-set alarm clock, a reminders feature and a basic calendar for checking dates are also included. T9 predictive text input, multi-language support, intuitive symbol picker, template. CE e MHz Head: Here are some shortcuts and suggestions to help speed up the process. Hashtag Key Toggles between input modes in message composer. Star Key Opens symbol selector in message composer. Send Key When on home screen — opens call history. Send Key - long press Long press when answering a call activates hands-free speaker mode.

Message Key Respond to an incoming call with a text message.

"Punkt's MP 01 is the ultimate minimalist dumb phone" Boing Boing

Message Key - long press Long press on home screen opens message composer. End Key - long press When on home screen — long press opens quick access menu.

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Volume Down - long press Long press for silent mode. Numeric Key 1 - long press When on home screen — long press calls voicemail.

The best basic phones

Numeric Key - Long press When on home screen — long press speed-dials assigned numbers. Use call-forwarding Activate call-forwarding on your smartphone: Combine with another device Use the MP01 in conjunction with a laptop or tablet: Download the MP01 Quick Guide here to get started. Need to transfer contacts to your MP01? Low availability, hurry up!

Best Basic Punkt Dumb Mobile Phones without Internet - Modern Non Smartphone technology

Did you miss your activation email? Home Help Search Login Register. Cheap Dumb Phone Plan? I probably use about 30m of calls a month, and maybe 50 to texts a month. Does anybody know a cheap plan that would work well with that?

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Suggestions for dumb phones are also welcome. Dave Pencil Stache Posts: Consumer Cellular have cheap plans and flip-phones, if you want one. We use them for my MIL. They are very friendly and easy to deal with. Daley Magnum Stache Posts: admin