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Then I just email the order to the bid rooms. You're not doing that with a coupon. Just pay for it all at once and pick it up as you need it. If HD doesn't want your business, try Lowes or Menards, the prices vary widely when I go to the box places, my flip partner has really pushed me to online - it just takes careful planning to get a large order together then free shipping.

Most of the water heaters at the big box stores are lower quality then at the plumbing wholesale operations. I will not buy a lot of plumbing supplies at the big stores as the quality is much better at the plumbing supply wholesale operations. Some will allow you to set up a account. NE is right on the bid room. Last month I bought six electric hot water tanks at a single pop. I didn't necessarily need all six that day, but I do have four of them that date back to so I thought it would be best to just get the things replaced proactively instead of re-actively.

Almost the sixth one was free by buying six at a pop. I needed to replace a roof at one of my rental property's.

So I drove to my local roofing supply company and obtained a estimate including free delivery. I then went to Lowe's and Home Depot for similar estimates. You know, 30 pound felt, 35 year shingles, nails, edging and mastic. All prices stunk! So I asked my go-to-Girl, a Home Depot manager, 30 years old with 4 kids to feed. I showed her my best deal offers from all three supplier. She got on the phone with the "Store Contractor Desk" and asked what they were thinking on giving me a simple Number Discount -- a few percent.

After her intervention, she knows how much I send on property each year even with Her Home Depot , I got the best price possible and free delivery on ground not on the roof. It pays to do your homework and ask questions Maybe that got tired of everyone using the "moving" coupons over and over again when they clearly aren't moving? Seriously -- this seems funny to me. They clear intended those to be a one-time-use coupon or, at least, once every few years at the most , but people are buying them up on EBay now that they can't just take them from the post office any more in many locations and using them every time they make a purchase!

They come in a lot of different shapes and colors, but they might look like this:. Even after you use the coupon, it still may have value. Step 5: Go to your location and buy whatever you want. Easy peasy. Yeah, baby! Thanks for reading Retire29! If you want these posts straight to your inbox along with a healthy dose of spam, just kidding , then you can subscribe right here. DGI, Well played, Sir! Of course avoiding the purchase altogether is always the cheapest route.

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However, most of us will have the occasion to buy some lumber, or a light fixture, or a garbage disposal, at some point during our lives. Great way to save a little cash, thanks Eric! Steve Miller recently posted… Is the Tiny House movement for you? Still, love the idea and thanks for bringing Raise and Cardpool to my attention. Josh, Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, sometimes and probably in some places I'm not a coupon clipper, but I would sure use one if it's what I need Best Buy and WalMart are real good about this.

A HP computer, exact stuff on it, model , the other store has the same computer, but modle , so they are not exact and won't accept them. They don't say that the only stores in the world that have model are Wal marts since they buy by the train load! They are tricky! So, at Lowes, that was what the gal at the service desk was giving me, I don't persue things like that because I really don't want to take it up with the "manager".

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I guess it's when you go in, who you ask and if the products are similar or exact and what the local deals might be. Large appliances seem to be treated differently, though. While I ten to like Lowes prices better.

Home Depot and Lowe's 10% Military Discount Policy - Year Round

I often end up needing to go to Home Depot because they tend to maintain a good stock and seem to have the items I'm looking for. They both offer discounts if you buy in volume. I buy in 5 Gallon sizes, so not sure if it applies to all orders or not. Although I have accounts with Lowe's, I don't think it is necessary.

You just go to the desk and ask You can also get gift cards to Lowe's, Home Depot, Menards, etc. I have bought several gift cards and have never had a problem with the info being incorrect. If you buy them off of ebay, make sure to use a seller that does a ton of business and has good ratings.

How to get 10% discount every time you shop at Home depot

If you are not comfortable buying merchandise cards off of ebay, go to a pawn shop in the worst part of town, tell them to call you when they get merchandise cards as you will buy them for 90 cents on the dollar of face value. I actually have 2 pawn shops that call me quite a bit when they get these cards in. BigBubba, I really liked that plan until I found out that most of it is perpetuated by theft not by you, but by someone else.

​2. Know where to find the markdowns

You can also go online to plasticjungle. I know exactly how you feel, since the underlying factor is theft usually. I cannot say that I agree with the process, but in today's society, not many people even bat an eye at something like this.

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Kinda sad. May I suggest slickdeals. Set an alert for the actual thing you're looking for paint, a specific tool and if it comes up be ready to pounce on it.

Home Depot honors 10% off online coupon from Lowe's

They also have a lot of good strategies for getting cards that aren't illegal. It all depends on the markup of the items. Coincidentally enough, I had a couple kids walk up to me today at my local Home Depot and ask me if I'd buy their return card from them.

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