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Using our 3-Step Online Booking engine, travelers can book their cars on their own. All they need to do is select the car, compare the prices offered by different suppliers and book. Hiring cars with us will also provide all travelers with several inclusions and extra benefits. Depending on the car selected as well as the car rental supplier, these inclusions may vary from one supplier to another.

Whether you are visiting UAE for business or leisure, we will provide you with the best car rental solutions across all major airports and cities here. We offer exclusive Dubai car rental deals and a versatile range of cars! We provide affordably priced car hire deals along with widest fleet of cars! Save big on Sharjah car hire deals! We provide best-in-its class Dubai Airport car rental deals. Rental Cars makes each of their clients feel special during the month of Ramadan. So why wait, gear yourselves and get going. The most fun offer during the month of Ramadan is the Iftaar coupons.

If you are hiring a car for the first time from Rental Cars, you will be given coupons for an Iftaar Buffet at the amazing hotel of Burj Al Arab. You get to take your entire family to indulge yourselves inside the beautiful Burj Al Arab and get to experience the variety of delicious items at the Iftaar Buffet. Ramadan is the month of giving. Rental Cars offers a variety of latest model cars and makes sure their clients are getting the best quality cars along with the greatest service. Company have been running their business for more than 20 years now and their special offers during the Holy month of Ramadan makes them exceptional.

They guarantee to make each client feel as special as possible. And with Eid-ul Fitr so near, they try to make your entire family celebrate Eid in the most luxurious way and let you drive anywhere you want in style. Are you in a hurry and not able to make time to visit car rental companies in getting the best deals? Rental Cars UAE provides you the best search engine to find the right car hire deals.

Everyone can easily find out which cars are available and sort them according to the most economical deals. The process of hiring a car can be tricky and difficult. But when you have a search engine at your service, the decision you make gets easier and less costly. You can enjoy using our website anywhere you want. The information you receive is not only about online rates of cars but also a thorough process of reserving and finalizing the booking for your preferred vehicle. We will let you know about various suppliers of the same model, so you can select the best option with minimal security deposit.

Instead of customers searching all the car rental sites available on the Internet, our car rental search engine does the work for you. Visitors are asked to enter keywords that are related to which car they wish to hire and our search engine will find you the right suppliers offering the best and lowest price possible. You just need to figure out the car you require and is ideal with your budget with maximum options and low cost of insurance.

We provide a complete guide to reserve a car from start to finish. Our search engine will then show the best choices available from top global car rental companies. You can also compare allowed mileages for each car and a selection of new models to older ones. We will provide you with anything that you are looking for. You can hire them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with long term benefits. Google lets you read reviews of customers who have already driven the car that they chose from us.

They also get to know how reliable the suppliers of the cars are. Having the chance to read them will make it easy to make a final decision sitting at home or even at your office. Once you are ready the search engine will take you to the next step of payment. Second, once you have selected a vehicle we will let you see the various payment options offered by the suppliers. You may process the payment by cash, credit card or debit card.

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We accept all major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard. The entire payment process is highly safe and reliable. Once you agree to the terms and conditions, we make sure you are protected and safe to book online. In case of any circumstances you wish to cancel reservation, we assure to give full refund without any questions. You can benefit from 24 hours customer service when you book online from top rated providers. Once signed and registered with an active account, you will be receiving emails of new promotions available from all providers including Thrifty, Dollar, Shift, Budget , Emirates Transport, Fast and Sayara rent a car.

The system will keep on updating customers with information about latest models, special offers during the month of festivals and special holidays. We partner with suppliers who are genuine and know value of customers and willing to provide customers their best. Our agents help and search for cars that are best in quality and have good reviews. We know how valuable time is for all busy people out there. We try our best to design our search engine in the most convenient way possible. We have been attracting both local and international customers for our par excellence customers service which is reflected in 5-star reviews that we get from customers.

The percentage of local customers that are expats is higher than the percentage of international customers. The use of search engine from all over the world has helped the growth of all car rentals in the UAE. So why wait? Start using Rental Cars UAE search engine and you are just a few clicks away in reserving the best quality car with a price that you could not have imagined! We guarantee to minimize all your tensions and serve you the best when it comes to renting a car!! Is the word crossover new to you?

Are you wondering what exactly this could be? Crossovers are vehicles that are a mixture of the midsize Sedans and an SUV. The Sports Utility Cars have been quite popular among families for which these cars were called the go-to family vehicle. But over the years, the rising demand of individuals on the technological improvements and interior space of cars have led to a little fall in the demand of these cars in particular.

Crossovers have been increasing in demand due to the improved overall package the car has to offer, in terms of performance, stability, design, its features and characteristics and many more. These cars are giving an overall package of comfort and reliability to people hiring or purchasing one.

Well, this group of cars are a heavy car because of the full frame on which the body is fitted, whereas the design now has changed to uni body, meaning that the car has no extra frame and it is lighter with more space and features. Now why are people shifting to crossover rental? Is it only because it is lighter than the strongly built ones? Not of course. There are a number of reasons why people are changing their preferences.

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The first reason is that they are very much similar to the strongly built jeeps they used to drive before but now people are getting the new one at a very reasonable price. The Rental costs of these lightly built jeeps are the lowest in markets. Even though they might look smaller in size than an SUV when looking at the exterior design, but manufactures of these cars have actually made more cabin space and a larger interior space.

This car can accommodate more passengers without having to compromise comfort. Because of their performance and stability, the demands are set too high at the competitive rental markets. There has been an increase in the price of gas lately in the city of Dubai. And ever since people were facing trouble in saving money, they found that their costs were increasing.

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People also realized that they are getting even bigger cargo space from it and thus are ready to make few sacrifices from the advantage of having greater features from the mid sized cars. A Crossover Utility Vehicle is a complete package car that contributes in becoming cost effective and also being fuel-efficient.

An example is the Hyundai Creta. This car is a complete four-wheel car that runs a greater mileage per gallon of fuel consumed. Being one of the best mileage cars available at car rentals, this car is worth all the money spent. The reason of having a lower price of these cars is mainly because of lower manufacturing cost. Manufacturing a body-on-frame car is more expensive than cars with uni bodies.

The low manufacturing costs make the hiring price low for customers to shift their choices to buying a crossover. Since it has been seen that the demand of renting a smaller utility vehicle has been increasing over the years, car rentals have kept its prices low as their marketing strategy to make customers come for more. The price structure of these cars give customers to set a reasonable budget of their own in this competitive market of cars.

The prices have not only fall within their budget, but they are also getting the best quality service and comfort from driving them. There are many innovative features designed to make families go on a trip with having full comfort. These innovative features include fold down seats for passenger to easily get to the back of the third row.

There are also tech toys attached to the back of the front seats to keep your children busy in long tours. The cabin space is enormous for you to load luggage or suitcases.

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If you do not want to load cargo but instead wish to accommodate more passengers, then you can take the advantage of folding up the third row seats. This car is also easy to park and takes less space. It surely comes in an overall package that not only fulfills your requirements but also guarantee to make your experience of driving fun and a memorable one. Are you planning for a road trip with your entire family? Are you worried about the cramped seats?

Do you need a large cargo space to load your bags? Never again Pros: The car was extremely dirty and smelly all the time. We took a child seat which was totally insecure because the belts were abused and not working as they should anymore. When you drive into the airport, you don't know where to drive, signs extremely bad, I was almost having an accident because of those bad signs. Not fair Cons: I rent the car for one day and u charged me 2 days. Not fair. Was left carless Pros: Nothing unfortunately Cons: I went there with all the necessary documents.

After some time waiting, they informed me that they didn't have the car I rented, nor any other car in the upgrade. I still didn't receive my refund by the way. They did offer a downgrade, but I couldn't send back home one of my kids with two bags! Bad car Pros: Very bad condition plus the car I reserved was a Toyota Yates instead of being upgraded I was downgraded to Honda city which had terrible air conditioner and horrible wobble when approaching speed of 80km and above.

Since I rented through kayak on discounted rates I think that hertz was inclined to give me two year old car but I refused then they gave me a smaller car in same catagory. Cheating from hertz rental Cons: Hertz cancelled reservation without any reason Pros: Reservation was cancelled by Hertz without any reason. They have claimed that that was a wrong reservation due to technical error. Finally they have charged me times more of original rate.

Worse experience after 14 hours flight. Once I got to hertz to pick up my car, they had given away my car to Someone else and they didn't have my car the one I reserved. I was told I should be getting the same car I reserved maybe same day or day after. It was 7 days trip to Dubai.

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They double the money what I reserved online and I was told it was a computer glitch so they can't honor me the same price even though they gave me smaller car for time being and they never got me the same car I reserved and they double the price. I was very disappointed. Bad customer service from Kayak and Hertz Pros: Non Cons: I contacted the Hertz office and they told me they cannot do anything.

Also, contacted Kayak and the issue was not resolved. I received the worst customer service experience and I will never use Kayak to book again. Direction for drop not easily available, making drop off time consuming. Unprofessional staff at Dubai Airport Terminal 3 Cons: When returning the car I was charged 25 AED despite the fact that my vehicle was returned during the grace period. The staff was unsure what to do and when checking with his supervisor they were informed that the checkout paper time is irrelevant and they can only go by the contract time. When I picked up my vehicle it took over 25 minutes to receive the car.

Contract time was , checkout paper , return The supervisor On the phone threatened to charge me a full extra day if I complained since she claimed that grace period is not in the contract. Finally please be advised that checkout takes more than 30 minutes per customer.

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There is no car rental return signs at terminal 2 at the airport. Had to drive back to terminal 3 to drop off the car. Budget told me that they have an agent at terminal 2 that can meet you but I just need to call them. Their records had us booked for more days than we had originally reserved. Also, bad info -- we were told we couldn't pick up a car in Dubai Terminal 2 after 8 pm when in fact they had send our rental there. We ended-up taking a taxi to Terminal 1 and then got delayed picking-up our car because of this mix-up.

Lastly, because their records had connected 2 separate bookings, when we came to pick-up the 2nd time, they had no car for us because they used the original booking reference number for both bookings so that when we returned the first booking, they had closed the file on both bookings. Value for money Pros: Nothing I cancelled it on their desk Cons: Mediocre Pros: Staff were friendly, price was decent Cons: Budget does NOT have an airport counter as advertised.

Their staff were sitting around and the very kind Hertz counter staff had to direct me to find them. Poor Pros: The car was smaller then wt I booked and they booked an amount on my card insurance coverage for dollar while i did insured my car on alliance.

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Dissapointed Cons: I booked the car for 4 bags and i didnt choose based on car type i did choosed based on number of bags which is 4 I waited 2 hours to get the car , then 1 changing cars , trying which one can fit at least 2 bags and my booking was 4 bags Unproffesional service and information made once i booked. Refuse to give me a car!!! They refuse to give me a car!! So far so good Pros: The process was fast without delay Cons: The car is old and there is many marks of accidents in the car and it never been repaired.

Broken car Pros: Nice workers Cons: Car repair light on. Swift check in and check out with super response in customer service. Great customer service Pros: I felt welcomed, and though I have heard over the years horror stories of renting cars abroad, my experience with Dollar at Dubai airport was excellent. Returning the car, it wasn't clear where to park unlike in every US airport, there's no obvious 'rental return' lot. I had to find a parking spot in close proximity to the office - but that is just Dubai normal. I just wish it was made clearer. Wonderful Pros: Everything Cons: Always satisfied with my car rental experience from Dollar.

Consistency is the word. It was not confirmed. They asked for full normal price if hired directly. They did not accept email confirmation sent by you. Awsome Service Pros: Pick up was flawless, personnel were easy to work with. This helps after a 20 hour flight. Return parking was not well directed, but Our dollar car tenant drove the car to the right spot for me. Very Nice! We couldn't rent it Pros: Free water Cons: We couldn't rent it because we didn't have a credit card. Air con issues Pros: Service was excellent Cons: Air conditioning system on the car was not adequate to keep up with the heat of Dubai.

Bad and disappointed Pros: Air condition was not good for dubai weather I've Booked online toyota yaris but they said it's not avalible so they gave me honda civic but i had to pay more! Also the value for the insurance will increase. Many scratches on the body of the car , and it was dirty! When I delivered the car they said there is a scratch on the body and i have to pay for fixing! I totally don't recommend to deal with this company. The tank full to full is a good policy which was not followed. The car was damp n smelly inside. Excelent Services Pros: Customer service and car clean Cons: I like to support from the staff at the airport branch who helped me pick up the car from there I also liked that I have the flexibility to drop the car where ever I wished In general it was a good car value for money and good customer service unlike others I had expierence who don't match my expectations.

Get the car first day at the airport it's stinks Pros: Nothing possibly you you would like. Rented a GPS took me two hours far from my distinction does not work maybe some programming I don't know. The next day I called the rental company to come pick up their car because it's not working I don't know which Part they didn't understand. They were apologetic which doesn't help I really get another car from another company but the worst part of the customer service they charge me wile the car was sitting at The hotel parking garage.

Car in a bad condition, lower class than rented. At least car was clean. admin